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What’s at Stake

Posted on December 7, 2012

Brutal Republican US-style attack politics. Lies repeated until they become perceived truths. On our Leaders. On F-35s. On everything. When you deserve the truth.

What the Conservatives did to us – to me – in 2006 is nothing compared to what they’re capable of now. Especially as they have even more money today to spread their lies: there are currently two Conservative donors for every Liberal who decides to give, and the Conservatives raised $20-million last year, against our $10-million.

There are few things more vital for us than to protect our new Leader against these predictable low blow attacks. It is key for us that we will not let the Conservatives brand our new Leader. We must be the first to reach Canadians to explain why the new Leader will be a great Prime Minister. Because Canadians deserve the truth. On our Leaders. On F-35s. And everything else.

That’s why I’m asking you, right now, to give $5 – just $1.25 after your tax credit – or more if you wish, to the 5,000 wishes for Canada Campaign:

In this campaign it doesn’t matter how much you give, just that you give. That’s why I’m personally thrilled that 719 Liberals just like you – including 326 who gave for the first time — have chipped in to this campaign.

Whoever wins this leadership race will be counting on you. Let’s make sure we have a strong, united and grassroots-powered organization with us. A Party with the resources it needs to introduce our new Leader to Canadians on our terms and win the next federal election.

Thank you.

Stéphane Dion

Former Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada (2006-2008) Member of Parliament for Saint-Laurent – Cartierville