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Manitobans attend the National Caucus Meeting

Posted on September 6, 2011

Three of Manitoba’s candidates in the last federal election, Allan Wise, Dr. M.J. Willard, and Terry Hayward, along with Winnipeg North MP Kevin Lamoureux, and Senator Maria Chaput, attended the LPC summer caucus in Ottawa, August 28-30.

This great event was well attended by many former MPs and candidates, current MPs and Senators. The three-day event included the meeting of the Women’s caucus, the general caucus meeting, and a meeting of the former candidates from un-held ridings.

The highlight of the event was the very inspiring speech by the interim leader Hon. Bob Rae, who urged the party to embark on a mission of change to become more relevant to the realities of political, social and economic life in Canada. Mr. Rae said that we need to once again inspire Canadians from all walks of life to embrace the principles of liberalism as a ‘movement’, and not  just a party affiliation.   He summed up the spirit of cooperation, dialogue and commitment amongst the participants in one word: “resilience!”  Mr. Rae vowed not to allow the Conservatives to undermine our party and our leadership with personal attacks and ideologically charged negative ad campaigns.  He said that Canadians are concerned about the economy, and the Liberal party will fight the Conservatives’ tea-party style economics with evidenced based policy alternatives.