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Liberals Launch Summer Focused on Youth Issues

Posted on July 4, 2012

OTTAWA– At a time when Canada’s youth face unprecedented challenges, Liberal MPs and Senators are focusing their summer activities on youth-related issues as they travel the country speaking to Canadians, said Liberal Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development critic Dr. Carolyn Bennett today.

“Thanks to Mr. Harper, Canada’s youth will be forced to work longer than previous generations, and left to clean up the mess this government has created by cutting pensions, abdicating responsibility for our public health care system, gutting environmental regulations and smearing Canada’s reputation on the international stage,” said Dr. Bennett. “Liberals are bringing a message to Canadian youth that we are listening to their concerns and we will work together to address them.”

During the summer, members of the Liberal caucus will hold local events across Canada and weekly press conferences on Parliament Hill to highlight the challenges facing Canadian youth and to promote positive solutions. Dr. Bennett is launching the Liberal “Focus on Youth” summer initiative with a press conference on issues facing youth in Aboriginal, Northern and remote communities.

“Aboriginal youth are the fastest growing demographic in Canada yet they face strikingly lower education, health and other social outcomes, and are denied the tools they need to realize their full potential,” said Dr. Bennett. “Liberals understand that Canada’s success depends on creating opportunities for Aboriginal youth and we will continue to work collaboratively with Aboriginal people to reverse this gross inequity.”