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Letter from LPC(M) President Christian Monnin

Posted on September 20, 2011

Dear fellow Liberals,

I trust that you have all had the opportunity to take full advantage of one the best summers that I suspect most in Manitoba can recall. Speaking for myself, I took the opportunity this summer to recharge my batteries, to spend time with family and to reconnect with friends. I sincerely hope that you’ve also found similar opportunities during the fast fading summer days.

From my perspective, this summer has also provided us with the opportunity to reflect upon the many things for which we ought to be thankful (and there are many) and how these things came to be. Quite simply, many of the opportunities for which we all benefit are on account of the groundwork that has been laid in this Province and in this Country by the Liberal Party.

As most of you all know, we are two weeks away from a provincial election where, for reasons we can only assume, we have an incumbent government that would rather run a fear based campaign than run on its own achievements and an opposition party that appears set on attempting to spend and buy its way into power.

This is another choice and your help is needed.

I have always strongly believed that there is no such thing as a Federal Liberal and a Provincial Liberal – there are just Liberals. Together, as Liberals, we are indeed greater than the sum of our parts. I would therefore ask you all to heed this clarion call for our Party and consider giving some of your time to helping out the provincial campaign. I hope your share my view that our success at the provincial level will provide us with the opportunity to continue to rebuild on the federal side of this most important equation.  

These are critical times for the Liberal Party and I would suggest that we are all leaders in this Party by the virtue of the fact that we have the power to lend a hand, to knock on a door, to pound in a sign, to make a call, to help this movement and ensure that it continues to build upon its proud heritage and live up to its full potential.

Do not hesitate to call to provincial party office at 204.988.9380 to find out how you can help.

I hope to see you all on the campaign trail.

Warm regards,

Christian Monnin