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Justin Trudeau: What’s next

Posted on June 28, 2017

I hope you’ll take a couple of moments to read this and take a look at what’s ahead with me.

We’ve accomplished a lot together over the past couple of years as a movement, but we still have more work to do. In the months ahead, we need to work as hard as we did during the last election campaign – to make sure that Canada’s success is felt by more and more of Canada’s middle class.

Like the single mom who shouldn’t have to decide which of her children she can afford to send to summer camp.

Or the high school student who needs a good summer job, so that she can save up for next year’s college tuition.

Or the senior citizen who has worked so hard for so long, and has earned a secure and dignified retirement.

As we look ahead, we also have to remember one very important thing: we now know who our competition is – and all of our progress for a stronger middle class is at stake.

Leadership contests are a chance to connect with more Canadians, to welcome new and returning members, and to raise funds for the next election.

The Conservative Party just elected Andrew Scheer as their new permanent leader.

The NDP will be choosing theirs later this year.

And history has shown that these things matter. We need to be ready for the months ahead.

We can’t afford to sit back and say, “I’ll wait and make a donation in 2019,” or “I’ll volunteer when we get a bit closer to the election.”

We need to be working hard now, too.

That’s why I’m asking you to step up and join the thousands of Canadians who have already given online this month, and make a donation now.

I hope that you’ll continue sharing our story, and help welcome even more Canadians into our movement.

That you’ll lend your support, and your ideas as we carry forward into the next election.

Together, we can continue to deliver real change for Canadians for many years to come.

Thank you.

Justin Trudeau
Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada