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Jason Kenney Must Stop Abusing Taxpayer Dollars

Posted on November 14, 2012

WINNIPEG– Liberal Citizenship and Immigration critic Kevin Lamoureux made the following statement today on Conservative Minister Jason Kenney’s use of public funds for ethno-cultural media monitoring:

“Jason Kenney seems unable to resist abusing Canadians’ tax dollars. First there was his blatant misuse of government letterhead and resources to solicit $200,000 for an advertising blitz in ‘very ethnic’ ridings. Then, Minister Kenney billed Canadians for $37,000 in limo rides around Toronto and Vancouver – double the bill incurred by disgraced former Conservative Minister Bev Oda.

Now we see that the minister has used $750,000 to track his media coverage and image. This media monitoring was clearly part of a partisan vanity project and had little to do with public policy issues.

Media monitoring of Conservative election campaign events and candidates using departmental resources is a flagrant and shameful abuse of taxpayer dollars. Minister Kenney must immediately end this misuse of public funds and apologise to all Canadians.”