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Dr. M.J. Willard to run for Liberals in Portage-Lisgar

Posted on March 30, 2011

WINNIPEG / PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE – Dr. M.J. Willard will be the Liberal candidate for Member of Parliament in the riding of Portage – Lisgar.

Dr. Willard, or “M.J.” as she prefers to be called, has worked as both a veterinary and a medical doctor, and has worked as a veterinarian, emergency room physician and pathologist in Winnipeg, Brandon and Saskatchewan. Since June 2010 she has been working in family practice at the Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre.

She ran for the Liberals in Brandon – where she worked as a doctor for a number of years – during the 2008 federal election.

“I know from personal experience the challenges that rural areas face when it comes to shortages of doctors and nurses,” said Willard. “The Liberal Party has great plan of commitments to address the needs of rural Canada and rural Manitoba, including helping doctors who work in rural areas pay off student loans, enhanced rural postal service, and ensuring everyone has access to high-speed internet.”

Willard said the Liberals’ plan for a National Food Policy – a Canadian first – would also have significant benefits for Canadian farmers, by introducing new quality regulations to ensure that Canadian farmers aren’t undercut by low-grade imports of food, encouraging the marketing and sales of local produce, and opening new international markets to Canadian argibusiness.

“Liberals are also staunch defenders of a democratically elected, farmer-controlled Wheat Board,” said Willard. “The attack on the Wheat Board is just one more example of Stephen Harper’s contempt for democracy.”



David Johnson
Executive Director
Liberal Party of Canada (Manitoba)
TEL:  (204) 988-9542
CELL:  (204) 228-5858



Dr. MJ Willard is both a veterinarian (retired after 26 years) and a physician. She is currently working at Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre.

She has been involved in politics for many years, and has run for MLA and MP in the past in Brandon. She practiced in Brandon, MB for several years.

Her primary interests are the widening gap between the wealthy and the underserved populations of the country.  Rural medicine has long been a keen concern for her.

She grew up in Missouri, where she obtained a degree in wildlife conservation, and is well versed in climate change.   She attended Tuskegee Institute, obtaining her degree in veterinary medicine in 1982, immigrating to Winnipeg four days later.  She decided to apply to medical school and was accepted in 1990.  She completed her training in 2002, while working as a veterinarian at night.  She worked at Misericordia beginning in 1999.  She also has a Masters in Education, having taught for ten years in the U.S. as a reading disabilities teacher prior to veterinary school.  She also has a degree in Animal Science.

Her experiences in education, medicine and ecology give her a well rounded view of the world.  She has traveled to all seven continents since completing her medical training.