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Don’t Let Stephen Harper Creep Your Emails

Posted on February 17, 2012

The Conservative government has introduced an Online Surveillance Bill that could violate your Charter right to privacy unless you act now to stop them.

This bill would force internet service providers to track, preserve and hand over your personal subscriber information, including your email and IP addresses, upon request without a warrant.

Forget creeping your Facebook. Stephen Harper’s people would now have the legal right to monitor your emails and track your every move online without any kind of judicial oversight.

Liberals are standing up for your privacy rights in Parliament – but we need your help.

The government is on the defensive following a public outcry. They will be sending the bill to committee and have said they’ll consider opposition amendments. But with a majority government they can oppose any fair, sensible amendments we propose unless we demonstrate an overwhelming show of public support. That’s where you come in.

The Liberal Party’s Public Safety Critic Francis Scarpaleggia has studied the work of experts like Privacy Commissioner of Canada Jennifer Stoddart and Canada Research Chair Michael Geist to craft amendments that strike a proper balance between privacy rights and public safety.

With your support we can force the government to hold open, televised committee hearings and stop them from using procedural tactics to limit debate and ram the bill through Parliament to avoid further scrutiny.

Please click here to sign right now — and support the Liberal amendments calling for judicial oversight on electronic surveillance.

Then please forward this email to friends and share the petition on Facebook and Twitter as widely as possible before the committee meets. 

Thank you.

Bob Rae