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Standing up for Canadian Jobs 

Nothing is more important than ensuring Canadian families can rely on well-paying middle class jobs, today and in the future – and we need a team in government that can protect those jobs.

Recent tariff decisions by the United States highlight the importance of Justin Trudeau’s determined leadership to stand up for middle class jobs and to stand up for working families across Canada. The government is showing that it is prepared and ready to respond appropriately to every action by the United States, and to defend Canadian workers, industries, and jobs.

But while Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government are standing up for Canadian jobs, it is deeply disappointing that Andrew Scheer is choosing to play politics on an issue that is so important to working Canadian families. The Liberal government has been working with provincial premiers and leaders across the political spectrum because we know we’re all on the same team in fighting to protect Canadian workers. That’s the kind of positive leadership that we need, and we can’t afford to let Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives risk our economic progress.